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Proceeds go towards bursary funding to enable more people to take part in Sail Training.


From time to time, ASTO member vessels are invited to take part in other maritime events organised by harbours and town authorities. These events will be listed here, do contact ASTO for more information.


Gosport Marine Festival, 27th May 2017 

One day free family festival. Vessels can either offer day sails or be open for visitors alongside. Berthing will be free for participating vessels. Contact ASTO for more information.


Blyth Maritime Festival, 3rd and 4th June 2017

Any vessel attending this event will do so free of charges with many services and activities provided for the vessels and their crews. Contact ASTO for more information.


Gosport Peninsula Charity Pursuit, 10th June 2017

One day event to raise money for charity. Details on