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18 January 2018.
A collection of documents that you can use to decide whether a role is eligible for a basic, standard or enhanced DBS check including an eligibility tool, eligibility guide, regulated activity and workforces, supervision of children, recruitment of ex-offenders.

How employers or organisations can request DBS checks for potential employees New guidelines will apply to all applications for standard or enhanced checks.

There is clarification from the DBS of the new guidelines which will run in parallel with the existing guidelines from 24 October 2017 until 25 January 2018, when the existing guidelines will cease to apply.

You can find the latest information from the DBS regarding criminal record disclosure on their website

DBS newsletters with latest updates and information.

Charities Commission policy paper July 2014

Do you have the necessary safeguarding measures and policies in place? 
The Safe Network site closed on 1 April 2016. However the information on that site is now available via the NSPCC. You can also refer to the Safeguarding Advice section of this website.

DBS e-guide to completing the DBS Application Form

The services of the Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority have been merged and a single, new non-departmental public body created. The new organisation is now called the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Specific Guidance from the DBS website
This guidance provides links to:
Documents the applicant must provide
Arranging checks as an employer
Tracking the application and getting a certificate
DBS Barred lists
Appeals and disputes
Contact the Disclosure and Barring Service

You can find all documents relating to DBS checking service guidance here (compiled by DBS)

UPDATE SERVICE - You can link to join the update service via the applicant guide below. Please note you can register to join the update service using the application form reference on the front of the form, alternatively you can wait until you receive your certificate, at which time you will only have 19 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE CERTIFICATE. Volunteers WILL NOT pay for the update service. The charge to others is £13 per year and must be renewed annually.

Disclosure and Barring Service Update Service

Disclosure and Barring Service Update Service Employer Guide Links

DBS Update Service Applicant Guide Links

The Disclosure and Barring Service have produced two YouTube videos; which showcase the new Update Service.

To view, please click here for the applicant video and here for the employer's video.
As more individuals join the Update Service, the more we can benefit from free and instant online Status Checks rather than having to pay for new criminal record checks and wait for them to come through.


ASTO DBS Umbrella Organisation Paperwork - Please refer to the guidance on the DBS website and links above, however if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact ASTO.

Designated Person/Organisation Agreement

Designated Checker Agreement

DBS Sample Policy on Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

DBS Sample Policy on Secure Storage and Handling of DBS Certificates

ASTO Umbrella body policy on Secure Storage and Handling of DBS Information

Referring someone to the DBS

Employers, social services and professional regulators are under a legal duty to notify the  DBS of relevant information, so that individuals who pose a threat to vulnerable groups can be identified and barred from working with these groups.