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Proceeds go towards bursary funding to enable more people to take part in Sail Training.



Sail Training is always on the look-out for people with the right skills and attitude to ensure the continued provision of high quality voyages. Our Member organisations are always interested in hearing from anyone with a real interest in the welfare of young people, whether or not you have sailing qualifications.

Alternatively, you can help ASTO and UK Sail Training by making a donation via the 'Donate online' link on the left of this page. Your donation will go directly towards supporting our members and events. Alternatively why not support ASTO and enjoy a good read at the same time by purchasing a Hammond Innes book: with royalties going to ASTO this is a great way to support Sail Training.

As with many charity-based activities there is a need for full-time, part-time, volunteer, paid, specialist and general staff. Volunteers often sail as a member of the Afterguard - the professional crew of the vessel - but don't let a lack of qualifications deter you, as you won't necessarily need to be a qualified professional seafarer.
There are opportunities for volunteering or employment in a wide variety of situations. Organisations require cooks, engineers and supervising staff onboard their vessels and of course an army of shore-side support volunteers for a wide range of roles. Office assistance, re-fit work, marketing and fundraising are a few areas where your skills could be put to good use and may also result in the opportunity of a voyage.

But, before you clamber for the phone to claim that free holiday, think seriously about what you can bring to the organisation of your choice - remember, the organisation is looking for support. Consider what you can offer that will help to ensure the continued successful delivery of this life-changing experience for generations to come.

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