Sail Training is not just limited to the waters of the UK, there are hundreds of Sail Training organisations all around the world giving young people the opportunity to go to sea. National Sail Training organisations, such as ASTO, are members of Sail Training International (STI) who promote the development and education of young people around the world through Sail Training.

Young people are right at the heart of Sail Training International’s purpose; yet young people have played almost no direct role in the organisation. STI have therefore set up an International Youth Forum to:

  • Ensure the decision making processes in Sail Training International take account of the views and interests of young people in developing strategies and activities for the future, and
  • Enhance the credibility of their organisation and their focus on young people with external organisations and authorities.

The UK Representative plays an active role in the International Youth Forum sitting alongside other international members.


If you are interested in representing and promoting the wants and needs of young people who take part in Sail Training in the UK This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further details.