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Proceeds go towards bursary funding to enable more people to take part in Sail Training.


"It was a truly emotional experience which I will never forget. I gained experience and accomplished tasks that I never thought I would be capable of - it was truly the best thing I have ever accomplished so far in my life and I am very, very proud of what I achieved on this remarkable voyage" - Khalid from West Midlands

"The experience was phenomenal and all participants had the time of their lives. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined living and working on a large sailing ship. The whole experience was wonderful" - Yvonne from Doncaster

"After the voyage I felt I had really achieved something.  It was nice to know we worked well together as a team of people who got to know each other really well. We learnt to work together and listen to each other. It was a once in a life-time experience" - Joseph from Rutland

"I went home with some great memories. I loved the starry nights out on the sea and having hot chocolate while playing cards on deck. I can now watch Pirates of the Caribbean and brag to my friends that I went on a beautiful old boat" - Molly from Rutland

"The experience was amazing, I loved it so much and got to know the characters of people I work with. I learned how to crew a boat and I loved it so much that I want to go again" - Gemma from Essex

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