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Testimonials from Staff and Young People sailing on Tectona


“The group did not know each other but quickly started to work as a team and grow as individuals as they faced some of the challenges of long sailing trips”


It has helped me to build up my confidence in what I do.  It has helped me connect with people I don’t know .

I learnt that I was capable of a lot more than I thought.  I was able to make new friends with people I had never met before

I think I have changed  by becoming a much better team player.

What did you learn?

How to work as a team with new and different people. Do things I never thought I could do. Be successful in new and different activities .

Work with people that I have never met before. Become a strong team member and cooperate to achieve an end task. Cope with sea sickness!

Working with people who normally wouldn’t be friendly towards me and finding out that we made a really good team. Dealing with new scary things that I had not faced before.


Looking back do you think this trip has helped you, if so how?

It was good to work with people who would normally give me a hard time.

What did you learn about yourself on the trip?

How sea sick I could really be! I have also learnt not to judge people by the way they look or how they act at school because they are very different on a boat. I want other people to have this opportunity as it can change your life.


Other skills?

Working with people that I did not rate as friends or class mates and realising that in this situation they were as good or better than me.

Looking back do you think this trip has helped you, if so how?

This voyage has had a profound effect on me and it has changed my outlook on life and people massively. I want to give this opportunity to lots of people like the ones on the boat.

I was a lot happier and confident on the boat than I am at school.

I found out that I could do things I never believed possible with people I did not think of as my friends. We all worked together as a team and looked out for each other.

In school I have used the skills and things that I learnt about my character in lessons and people have noticed the difference. I am a lot calmer and people like me more, including the teachers!

This trip has helped me in different ways because it has made me work more as a team not by myself and made me more confident in what I am doing.

I have changed my personality and character in school as I have realised being loud is not a good trait


My son would never have gone out and got himself a job if he had not gone Sail Training

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